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Hair care products

Refresh your wig with the right formulated hair care products we offer or bring it in for servicing to maintain its look.  Our wig shampoo and wig conditioner restores freshness and body back into your wig.  Our wig spray will lock in the style with confidence.

For extra security

Our fishnet wig cap or comfy grip prevents the wig from shifting on your head and give you an extra sense of security that your wig is in place.  You can also add bobby pins thru the weft of the wig.

Styling products

Our wig brush has a sturdy wooden handle with wire bristles.  Perfect to get the tangles out especially before washing your wig.  Our brush is also commonly used on the American Doll.

You can store your wig on our collapsible wig stand or styrofoam head.  Perfect for drying the wig overnight after using our hair care products.


So soft to the touch, featuring our bamboo - viscose fabric headwear achieves a luxurious appearance with comfort and fashion.  Only the most magnificent scarves and turbans can be found in our boutique.