Be Inspired

Watch how unpredictable circumstances in your life turns into something positive.  Be inspired by Abbey Andrews as her discovery with alopecia allowed her to be noticed as a Wig Model and You Tube spokesperson for Renee of Paris, Noriko and Amore collection.  Her first wig was purchased at Wig Boutique in Levittown when she was 14 years old.  I am so proud to share her story with you to be inspired and follow her on social media. 


YES he did!  No he didn't!  Were you as surprised as me?  On AMERICAN IDOL with Kate Perry I discovered the new term WIG is used to describe when someone does something in their opinion that is so good, that they go bald.  Is he WIGINOUT!  Perhaps we can be so confident in our own skin we can be BOLD and BEAUTIFUL.  Lets be able to take off our hats / wig and still be able to say, "I am still beautiful."  WOW them beautifully with various wigs but same personality.

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