Our Hairpiece Collection

It is amazing how a simple hairpieces can change your appearance from casual to sassy.  The right hairpiece will give you the right attitude with a refreshing new look.  

Celebrate an event or just yourself!  Instant hair for that wedding, bar mitzvah, communion, prom, sweet 16 and dance recital.  Why wear it only once when you own it for every occasion.  

Now you can have long, short, medium length hair that is straight, curly or wavy instantly.  Get the look you feel, very naughty, risky, conservative, smart, casual or dramatic.  It's all about the accessories in your wardrobe.

Watch and Learn

Not every ponytail has a butterfly clip attachment.  Wrap a pony extension around your own hair, demonstrated easily. Be creative by braiding it or using it as bun as well.